Educate residents in a rural conservative community in upstate New York on the historic significance, cultural customs, and importance to end systemic and institutional racism while celebrating America’s newest federal holiday. My client, the Potsdam Juneteenth Organizing Committee, also sought to increase fundraising and boost attendance at the second annual event.



All the goals were exceeded tremendously. Attendance was up more than 175% and fundraising increased by nearly 150% from projected numbers. Online feedback and survey sheets filled out by attendees found that 82% of respondents stated they “learned a significant amount about Black history, Black culture, Black beauty, and Black voices.” Using a variety of outreach tactics I reached a diverse range of stakeholders from various age ranges, ethnicities, and economic statuses. 

Internet access is not widely available in certain neighborhoods in this rural region. Many older citizens do not own cell phones, even flip phones. Keeping this in mind, I strategized a multi-pronged approach by using earned media to reach out to the intended stakeholders. Older residents still turn to the daily newspaper, radio, and TV stations to stay aware of the latest news in their area. So, I developed relationships with local journalists in traditional media outlets to secure news stories with the Watertown Daily Times, North Country Now, WWNY Channel 7,  and B99.3 radio station. Social media and digital marketing advertisements proved the best way to reach younger adults and college students.






Restore community relations and brand recognition of a community hospital in a small seaport community bordering Canada.  The 100-year old hospital was in the midst of merging with a larger hospital network when I arrived. Community residents were very anxious about the future of the hospital and its employees. If Massena Memorial closed its doors the next closest healthcare was 45 minutes away. Administrators also tasked me with introducing new specialty doctors and innovative state of the art technology acquired to serve constituents the hospital served



Renewed trust was rebuilt with the community through a series of in-person community forums, social media outreach, traditional media articles. Developed, implemented, and promoted five “Ask the Specialist” educational seminars to highlight the new specialty doctors hired by the hospital. The seminars proved so popular each one had a waiting list. MMH generated an additional $295,000 worth of revenue from patients who scheduled doctor’s office visits, underwent preventive health screenings, and hospitalizations after attending these informational sessions.